Lifeline UPDATE / Special Reports

To keep citizens better informed, the Mighty 6 provides the Lifeline UPDATE  and Special Reports  and News & Notes, which supplement the quarterly Lifeline newsletter. The UPDATE is published and posted on this website, and can be emailed to citizens who provide their email address to the Mighty 6 District Office. To do so, just go to the CONTACT US page and submit a message with your contact information.



  • March 11:   Voting rights  and  (selected) zoning cases:

    • Brumbley Court Zoning Case
      Use Permit for a salvage, storage facility approved; Land Disturbance Permit (LDP) to be issued upon a finding (by an independent agency) the activity is not located in a 100-Year flood plain. Voting YES: (6) Abstained: (1)
    • 5965 Old National Highway Zoning Case
      Removal of use restriction to cellular phone service sales. Owner who operated photography and barber-beauty shop for several years had received two business licenses in 2007. Permitting staff had not reviewed the site for the subject zoning restriction (cellular phone service sales).All other prohibited restrictions to apply: including nail shops, pawn shops, discount stores, convenience stores with gas pumps, free-standing food restaurants, motels, automotive repair garage or commercial amusements.
    • Resolution Expressing Opposition to Georgia General Assembly House Bill 194
      Resolution Expressing Opposition to HB 194 which reduces the period of Advance Voting co-sponsored by Darnell, Arrington and Garner; APPROVED.
      The Legislation would reduce Fulton County’s 19 advance voting days in elections to 12. The Board Resolution states, “HB 194 has the potential to disproportionately impact voting opportunities for people of color, the poor, the elderly, the young and the disabled (who depend heavily) upon advance voting to participate in the political process.” Further, “2016 is a Presidential Election Year which has the highest voter turnout and greatest need for advance voting opportunities…” “We may pay more for 19 days than 12 days”, Commissioner Darnell stated, “however, the cost to Viola Liuzzo – murdered while transporting marchers back to Selma from Montgomery – may have been higher.”
      Voting YES:  (4)   Darnell, Arrington, Garner, Eaves
      Voting NO:   (3)   Hausmann, Ellis, Morris