District 6 Schools honored by Fulton County BOC

The Board of Commissioners honored two District 6 Schools: Langston Hughes Boys and Westlake Girls for Outstanding Achievement in Basketball. The Langston Hughes Boys Basketball Panthers won the Region 5 Championship and a second consecutive Georgia State (6-A) Championship. The Westlake Lady Lions won the girls 2018 Georgia State (7-A) Championship.

Arts Grants by Application--Not by Zip Code

At a Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners, concerns were expressed that certain County districts (mostly in Atlanta) were awarded the largest 'Contracts for Services' (Arts Grants) than others. 'Honestly,' said District 6 Commissioner Emma I. Darnell, 'Arts Grants are not based upon zip code-but upon the quality of the application.'

Darnell: put dollars into Mental, Physical Health Programs

It’s about funding! That's what District 6 Commissioner Emma I. Darnell implored regarding supporting mental health programs in Fulton County. She said that if residents support programs that work, it’s the County's responsibility to fund them.